Sunday, February 14, 2016

Paw Patrol Everest Badge,Cupcake Topper

Here you go, you creators on Pinterest, you mamas and daddys planning parties, you grandmas making cards, and most of all, to Nickelodeon, Nick. jr., or Valcom International Inc. Here is the Everest badge to match the other pups in the Paw Patrol cartoon. Nick Jr. already got my thoughts on this, via email.

The senseless exclusion of the girl pups of Paw Patrol is insane. I don't care that there are only two girls. I love the prominent use of blue, red, green, etc (society's "boy colors"). But what I do care about is the fact that almost all of their marketing material excludes the girl pups (outside of their website). Skye is sometimes in the corner far away, but usually not. This is no way matches the gender neutral-ness of the cartoon.

My daughter once asked me, "Do boys watch Paw Patrol too?" and I thought it was funny and cute. Until I realized that Nickelodeon doesn't even realize that there are little girls who are missing their favorite characters. The girls look around at all the Paw Patrol things and they don't think, "This show is for boys and girls because the boy and girl pups are both on the backpack/napkins/party favors/etc (which doesn't need to be pink or frilly, but, sure, it can be sometimes)." No, they think, "Oh... I guess this is a boy's show. I don't see Skye anywhere." Try finding a balloon that has a girl pup on it. Or even pink or purple on it. Go ahead. (I did finally find one in my local grocery store that had Skye on it, tiny and in the corner). I'm hoping this important world issue will be resolved, meanwhile, I bring you the Everest Paw Patrol Badge (really it's a cupcake topper with face). The matching badges for the other pups are on the Nick. Jr. website, grownups section, birthday club, (yes, you have to put in your adult birthdate), printables, cupcake toppers.


JPG for those of you scared of things like PNGs.

P.S. Don't steal this and try to sell it on Etsy or anywhere else. I will come after you. No, actually my pals at Nick Jr. will. And me.

Monday, April 27, 2015

March 2015

Annual Girl Scout Sweetheart Dance

Beautiful girl growing up

Annual Evie crying because she's not going picture

She likes to stick her tongue out

And she's 5 months old!

Spring Break Texas trip. I was so excited we got to see the bluebonnets!


Texas trip to be continued in April

January/February 2015

In a diaper shirt from when I was a baby

Abigail came up with this by herself, no recipe!

Just checking the mail

Happy 3rd Birthday Evie!

If there's no one around to put bunny ears on, you can always put them on yourself!

Abigail was like, "Mom, why did you make her a Mickey cake?!"
I was like, "Mickey and Minnie are exactly the same. Except for eyelashes and a bow."


Susie is 4 months old!

Evie had a Minnie Mouse Train party at Build a Bear

Happy, thankful, birthday girl!

3 year portraits outtake

Monday, May 26, 2014


Just some Memorial Day weekend pictures- the start of our summer!